The Balangay Starts Its Historic Voyage

MANILA, September 1

Filipinos witnessed today the historic maiden voyage of the ancient boat, the Balangay, which starts her epoch-making journey on Philippine seas.

The Balangay, which is similar to the boats built and used hundreds of years, will sail to every major port in the Philippines.

Her team of navigators will also organize coastal clean-up, tree planting, lectures on Philippine maritime history, and mini-fiestas to rekindle the glorious days of the Filipino seafarers.

The Voyage of Balangay project is expected to revive maritime consciousness in the country by successfully building the ancient boat, a historic proof of the Filipinos’ ingenious skills in shipbuilding and maritime navigation, and sailing on Philippine seas.

Completed in June 2009, the Balangay was presented by the Kaya ng Pinoy Foundation and was later launched into the waters of Manila Bay with the ngandahig, the rope-cutting ceremony which eased the ancient boat into the sea.

The Balangay, a legacy of ancestors handed down through generations, symbolizes the Filipino people’s ingenuity, resiliency, strength, courage, and unity.

Kaya ng Pinoy Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit Filipino organization that pushes for projects that uphold national pride and promote the Filipinos’ unique traits and world-class skills. The foundation was formed by members of the successful first Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition.