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Date Posted: 02/01/11

January 31, 2011 - Droping anchore in Brgy Bading, Butuan

By: Arturo Valdez

3:08 AM - After our prayers, we left port for Nasipit via San Ricardo and Surigao Strait. We also informed the yacht anchored near us about incoming typhoon "Amang". Satellite pictures showed that the storm is building up and today is our only window to get out of its way. NE wind is blowing strong but we're still covered. We hope that it will settle down later.

8:50 AM - Just almost made crossing Surigao Strait towards Surigao Norte shoreline nearing Malimono 5NM away. We're battling 20-ft. waves at the strait, forcing us to go starboard and in the middle of Bohol Sea. We're trying to get as far as we can from Surigao before "Amang" blows its way. It's been raining all the way. We're still far away from the safety of Nasipit port.

We also learned from Surigao City that storm signal has been raised already and 10 fishermen are missing.

7:16 PM - Forced by big waves & hammered broadside, at one time heeling @ 45° & having our bow airborne in trying to reach Nasipit, we took our chances and entered Agusan River to seek shelter. We finally dropped anchor in our old construction site in Bgy. Bading, Butuan
City. I was emotional after we got out safe from storm "Amang". Thank God Masawa is finally home on her 1st birthday, January 31!

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