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Date Posted: 12/21/10

December 15, 2010 - The crew's christmas/farewell party

By: Arturo Valdez

5:00 PM - We had our Christmas party at the pontoon last night and also farewell party for everyone as we're having our flights to our home provinces. At the same time, we are touched and humbled by the warm welcome our countrymen feted the returning balangays and crew. Somehow the media played it well - the message of the Voyage of the Balangays: the Filipino people can conquer any challenge if they stand united.

Indeed, time flies so fast. Now we are going home again to our families after more than 14 months of being away in far seas and distant lands. We will come back early next year to repair "Balangay SAMA TAWI-TAWI" and bring "Balangay MASAWA HONG BUTUAN" home to its original port in Luna Compound, Barangay Bading, Butuan City.


Message from Justin of Kuching:

"Congratulations, Sir Art! It is indeed a great honor for the entire nation and the Filipino people sharing the success of the epic Voyage of the Balangays. Though overseas Filipinos are oceans apart, we are with you in celebrating the historic odyssey of the Balangay.

We thank God first and foremost for His blessings that the entire flotilla is finally safely back home in such a great spirit that symbolized the unity of the nation. Thank you for making us play a part in your epic journey. We will forever remember the bronzed people of our own race
riding in ancient-looking wooden-hulled boats who came to our foreign shores to bring us honor and pride.

Warmest regards and heartfelt congratulations to you and the rest of the team. Mabuhay ang Balangay!

From the Filipino community in Kuching, Justin and family"


From Chairman of Sabah Tourism Council:

"Congratulations, Art, for the great historic feat of the Balangays' epic voyage and now all safely back home in Manila. We are so proud of your team's great achievement.

With very best wishes - Merry ...Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Yours sincerely,

Datuk Tengku Adlin"


Message from Bernie Guirgen who hosted one dinner for Team Balangay in Davao City:


Ur journey surely made history and unearthed our glorious past and rich heritage.

CONGRATULATIONS! U made us proud once again of being Filipinos! Inangat nyo ang ating lahing kayumanggi!



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