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Date Posted: 12/09/10

December 8, 2010 - Departing Sablayan Cove, Mindoro

By: Arturo Valdez

7:20 AM - We depart a but late today because Palaun Bay at the tip of  Mindoro is about 40 NM away around 6-7 hours of travel. That's the staging point for our crossing of Calavite Pt. and Verde Passage last critical but tough channels before entering Manila Bay. Meanwhile, yesterday and perhaps even today will be more relaxing than the previous days, thanks to the Mindoro mainland and Mt. Halcon blocking the gale force wind of Amihan. PAGASA for 2 months consistently issued gale force and small craft advisory. We were warmly welcomed in Sablayan. The people led by the Mayor ensured that it will be a comfortable stop over.

7:44 AM - Just when we got out of the safety of the Sablayan cove, the gale force wind of Amihan hit us. Masawa and Diwata had to lower their main sails or else they will be overpowered and tilt dangerously. We are traveling along the western coast and covered by Mindoro Mt Halcon. I can just imagine the waters on the eastern side especially crossing Caluya and Semirara with this wind 24 knots.
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