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Date Posted: 12/09/10

December 6, 2010 - Tough day fo Sama Tawi-Tawi

By: Arturo Valdez

7:00 AM - We were positioning to depart Boracay and going out into the open when Sama hit a coral reef causing gashing wound of 1 ft of her hull and water rushing in. We immediately grab our pumps and frantically belch the water out to enable us to vover the gash with wood. Luckily we are able to pump water faster as it comes in and able to hammer wood to cover the gash. We are still doing repairs as of the present.

8:00 AM - We have the leak under control and now going to finish repair work. Of course Sama need to be dry-docked for repairs but hopefully out temporary repairs can safely bring us to Manila.

3:41 PM - Today is really a tough and rough day for everyone. After we hit a reef because of low tide in Boracay, we had to traverse a white capped rough seas on our way to Mindoro. The Boracay to Caluya Island is tough enough with heavy swell and gale force wind, 18-24 knots, but the Caluya to Semirara island we're up against bug waves like when we're blown in Tambelan, Indonesia. 'Palapit na lalong humihirap' our travel. We can't make it to Mindoro today. We're so drained and exhausted to continue. Have decided to stop and spend the night at Semirara Island then continue tomorrow hoping seas more settled.

7:50 PM - Today is indeed a tough day for Sama Tawi-Tawi. By the time we left Boracay, it got a 1 ft gashed on its hull which we luckily able to arrest the leak. Then, we battled the whole day against gale force 'amihan' wind and 15 ft swell. When we're about to dock at the public post of Semirara, the current and strong wind caused Sama to be grounded in shallow waters. Exhausted I skipped dinner and will call it a long day.
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