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Date Posted: 12/09/10

November 26, 2010 - Presentation in Cuyo

By: Arturo Valdez

11:13 AM - We're having a presentation at Cuyo gym with students, town employees, teachers. Cuyo Island is scenic and breathtaking, full of scenery and culture, the best in every margins and periphery of our archipelago. The people and officials headed by OIC Felix Labid for Mayor Andoy of Cuyo ensured that will be warmly welcomed.

11:20 AM - Our visit in Cuyo Island will further project the flight and migration of the 10 Bornean Datus in the their swift 'Barangay' Boats when they settled in Panay. This is questioned as a 'myth'
 but for us Visayans who grew with this belief, it is true. Our travel coming directly from Borneo andour natural passage in Palawan re-enforced that route to the islets like Cuyo and finally Hamtik, Antique where remains of a 'barangay' boat was also once found. The descendants of these Malay Datus await us in Antique.
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