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Date Posted: 11/18/10

November 19, 2010 - Puerto Princesa

By: Arturo Valdez

5:53 AM - After our prayers for safe travel which we always do before every departure, we are now on our way to Puerto Princesa after a restful and calm night at Ragas Island. There were lots of fishing boats nearby and some of the crew spent the whole night with their fishing lines. We're very excited to make our first stop in a major city.

‎7:04 AM - Upon daylight, lot of fishing boats were surprised to see our presence and saw the Balangays. They were criss-crossing our paths trying to get a closer look at the boats and our colorful sails as we made our way out of the narrow channel and into the open sea.

Yesterday, we picked up a 7-kg 'dazed' talakitok caused most likely by blast fishermen who scampered away as we came closer to them.

7:37 AM - Skies clear, seas more settled and wind northerly as we head for Puerto Princesa. We're very eager to see the city whose people are preparing a big welcome for the Balangay

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