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Date Posted: 11/15/10

November 15, 2010 - Almost Home

By: Arturo Valdez

5:05 AM - We sought shelter last night at  a cove in Kota Belud, same area we stopped last August. At 6am, we'll continue our journey among the islands near Pulau Banggi roughly126kms away and hope that weather steady tomorrow Nov 16 for our crossing of Balabac Strait. The northeast 'amihan' is already very much against us but luckily  variable
wind still  visit us occasionally.As they say, 'isang tulog  na lang' Philippine waters and hopefully we can set foot again in Phil soil late afternoon of Nov 16.

12:53 PM - Balangay flotilla is only 51kms away from Pulau Balambangan, the last staging island in Sabah before we cross Balabac Strait and into Philippine waters.Tomorrow at 6AM we will cross the rough channel that serves the South China and Sulu Sea and will be  back
in the Philippines since we we entered Sandakan last August 15 from Taganak, Turtle Island to start our voyage around Southeast Asia bringing us into 7 countries; Malaysia, Brunei,Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand Cambodia and only reaching part of the waters of Vietnam. Late afternoon of Tuesday we hope to step for the first time in Philippine soil in the town of Balabac. Then the remainder of our journey will bring us to Palawan,Mindoro, Batangas, Cavite and finally Manila.

3:49 PM - Lucky I still have signal. We are nearing Pulau Balambangan now. This is the picture of Balangay Masawa coming home at the closing of the day which I took coming to Miri, Sarawak in Borneo Island.

7:02 PM - The 3 Balangays are anchored aside each other. Everyone is busy with their fishing lines. We will have enough fish for food before we leave tomorrow for Palawan.

Balangay coming home by the closing of the day

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