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Date Posted: 11/15/10

November 13, 2010 - Suter Harbour Marina and Country Club-Kota Kinabalu

By: Arturo Valdez

4:25 PM Nov 13: We are docked at Sutera Harbour Marina and Country Club, a plush, high end anchorage for motor and sailing yacht in Kota Kinabalu, thanks to Datuk Tenko Adlin. Diwata is docked right in front of the club house, a sort of a “show boat” with its lug sail up, while Masawa and Sama TawiTawi are anchored separately. The Marina is full and an average of 600 tourists passes daily to take fast crafts that will bring them to resort islands nearby. Simon Farmer the operation director has taken cared of us and his wife has been very kind to bake fresh chocolate cake for the crew. As a token of our visit we gave him a replica of Diwata and a pennant of the Voyage. We are whiling our time away, replenish supplies and waiting for the Pacquiao-Margarito boxing match tomorrow. The local KK cable operator did not subscribe to the fight so rather than spoil our wait, we will watch thru internet access. Whatever, as long as we can see the fight, that will be good enough for the crew.

9:33 PM - Right after lunch we will sail for Kota Belud 52kms away. Nov 15 we hope to reach Pulau Banggi 135kms away our last foreign anchor and wait for favorable wind and current that will push us across Balabac Strait towards Palawan. The Strait is notorious for its swift current and rough seas caused by the criss-crossing of the waters of the South China and Sulu Sea. Hopefully we will set foot for the first time in Philippine soil late afternoon of Nov 16. We are now 190kms away from Philippine waters!
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