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Date Posted: 11/06/10

November 5, 2010 - Update from Kuching

By: Arturo Valdez

8:04 AM - We are all rested now and have fully recovered our energies. Our supplies replenished and repairs done - all raring to go out to the sea again. We hope to leave tomorrow (November 6) after the usual departure pleasantries with our local OFWs in Kuching.

Maybe weather and God permitting, we will be back in Philippine waters by the middle of November.

Our travel will be daytime only, after a giant log-pond busted its dam and unleashed logs into the flooded rivers of Sarawak and disgorged into the open sea. We got damaged last time by
floating timber. These floating debris willl be carried by the currents all the way to Tawi-Tawi which the Sama people are all waiting at this time of the year as source of wood for their "lepas" and assorted balangays. By now it's "timber-picking" in the islands of Sibutu and

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