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Date Posted: 10/20/10

Reactions to our decision to forego Hanoi

By: Arturo Valdez

Sir Art,

Yes, we're keeping tabs on your voyage through your Facebook page. We hope that you and the whole team won't feeldiscouraged. We, your supporters, will always have the whole team's safety and health in mind, more than anything else. Your supporter, Fung Yu, has said it well, "the team may be made of steel, but the Balangays are made of wood, and as our ancestors respected mother nature, so should we, the generation of today.  You have already
accomplished so much. You have planted the seeds for the next generation of Filipinos to nurture and keep. Whatever the team decides to do, we will always be behind you!

And please, in any case that you decide to pass by Bangkok again (or any place in Thailand), please let us know. You have many supporters who wish to meet you and say their well wishes. "Pastour's" fellow Davaonons want to meet him, especially. And Jose and I wish
especially, to meet you!

You are leaders and heroes who need no titles to initiate and act on what you think is right for our people, and your story must be told to anyone and everyone who dares call himself a "Filipino".

Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Jose and Hedda
Siam Pinoy


Thanks, Sir Art, for the update. It is indeed regrettable to not reach Hanoi in time or to Shanghai for that matter  due to a confluence of events and weather. But the balangay team has already accomplished so much in terms of bridging the forgotten maritime heritage of our ancestors as well as rekindle the pride of our nation.

The crew's nerves may be made of "steel", but the balangay boats are still made of wood. And as our ancestors have learned to respect mother nature, so must we.

There are still a lot we can accomplish when the team gets home in terms of re-education, culture, and history; and you will always have my support in this endeavor.

I hope to rendezvous with the team again when you head back into Philippine waters. My prayers are with the team always.

Take care!

Fung Yu


1. I know it must be a real hard decision for him to make, especially knowing how determined a man he is. However, i believe he 100% correct in making this call. The dangers facing the
Monsoon near China is a definite peril!

2. Fisherman here in Macao and throughout Southern China is calling quits for the season, they are standing down for the next three months until the Monsoon season is over.

3. He can always start early next year and go all the way to Beijing. If he is interested I can definitely get the yachting community in Macao, HK and Shanghai together to form a reception committee and give him, the crew and his boats a proper welcome.

Tsi Wang


From Justin Yntig Bersales, Jr., our host and leader of the Pinoy community in Kuching:

Good Evening Sir Art,

Thank you very much for keeping me in your list and Im very happy and honored to hear the update and all the of the Balangay Expedition.

First and foremost, I share your view that leads you to decide the next course of action. I deeply felt the same thing that you and the rest of the Team felt, and deep in my thought, I am very thankful at the same time that you have made such a decision.

Its not easy to forego the things that I know you and the rest of the Balangay Team have been
looking up to since you left Manila bay for this Expedition. But with the challenges along the way that the Team had overpowered with will and tact, you all have done so much and you all have done so well. You have conveyed your message clear to all you've met and to those who happened to know the Balangay Expedition. And you have made every single Filipino proud of our heritage, or our culture and of our ingenuity in the midst of uncertainties.

In our personal life, we know where we want to go, but we all journey into the unknown and no single idea what comes our way. And the best part of it is always our eagerness and
our willingness to understand and to take the right attitude to deal with whatever meet along the the way. Thats is Filipino, always attuned himself to his surroundings, and always takes the right attitude. I salute your leadership Sir Art, and the all out support from the rest of the Balangay Team.

After reading the news about the super typhoon heading towards where you might be, I was very worried thinking that in our human capacity, there is nothing we can do to deal with this
natural weather disturbances. Its beyond our control, although we might be able to deal with it with pure luck and risk taking. But we can dealwith it effectively to our human advantage, and The Balangay Team had taken the right attitude, the right decision and the very admirable approach. You have proven it, you have done it and you are very well admired with your fighting spirit in all fronts of this memorable expedition.

The Filipino community is with you all the way and we are looking forward to have you all, our Living Heroes back to Kuching.


Warmest regards to you and the entire Balangay Team.

Justin and Family and the Filipino Community in Kuching

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