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Date Posted: 10/20/10

October 16, 2010 - A Choice Between Man and Nature

By: Arturo Valdez

7:30 AM - Well rested for the day, the Flotilla continued to Koh Rong
15NM away trying to make the most of the drizzling weather. Once out in
the open sea we got banged by waves hitting us at broadside. Navigator
John Manginsay had to wiggle the flotilla among the islands for cover from
the big swells. However, once inside among the islands we got stopped for checking by Royal Cambodian Navy. Exactly at 1:03 PM we have just been
released after we let Navy Phnyh of Koh Kung
talked to the accosting Cambodian Navy. Between checkpoints and big
waves; bureaucracy and nature, we prefer the former. At least we can
reason our way. With Nature, you have to pray for deliverance.

5:00 PM -  We finally anchored at Sihanoukville, Cambodia after 4 days of less friendlier seas. This will be the character of the seas all the way to Vietnam and back. We'll rest first before thinking for the next days of travel. Also learned from Janet that the Philippine Ambassador is arriving tomorrow from Phnom Pehn to meet the Balangays. That visit will definitely raise our body and spirit.

6:45 PM - The crew finally can crack jokes after fixing the Balangays
anchor. Its been quite a different 4 days of sailing continuously battling
big waves and heavy rain. We just want to treat ourselves with
Cambodian food and not to cook our normal dish. We deserve a treat and a
good beer to reenergize our body and spirit.
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