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Date Posted: 10/20/10

October 14, 2010 - Rough beating at Sea

By: Arturo Valdez

12:46 PM - Sought shelter at Ko Kut boundary island between Thailand and Cambodia because of strong winds and big swells. We traveled in bad weather the whole night and run smack of the disturbance per advisory of Voltaire. We're moving towards Island of Ko Kung 37NM away and will stop upon dark.

3:06 PM - We're presently hit by big waves and heavy rain. Reaching Ku Kong island may be tough as we're forced again to seek shelter til this turbulence is over. Seas now less friendly than past 2 months.

5:31 PM - We sought shelter at this island after getting battered again by 7-10ft of waves and strong winds. This morning we were also seeking shelter in Ku Khot island but continued our voyage after lunch after resting to sleep. Our arrival surprised the Cambodian Navy. They came aboard and we have to explain our sudden appearance that our destinations is Sihanoukville but stormy weather forced us as uninvited guests of the island. I think we can wiggle ourselves out of this situation

6:15 PM - The Cambodian Navy is satisfied with our sudden appearance. They will even help us buy fish for our provisions. Having this kind of inconvenience is nothing compared to the storms we withered for the last 24hrs. While we wanted to reach Hanoi soonest for the Asean Summit, we will not push ourselves beyond the capabilities of the Balangays thus ensuring safety for the boat and crew.
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