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Date Posted: 10/09/10

October 5, 2010 - Reaching Khanoum then sailing to Bangkok

By: Arturo Valdez

6:00 AM - Dawn, the coming of morning lights is such a welcome and great relief after practically whole night of evading fishing nets and when you though is over got damp with heavy rain and evading ships all dark night long. We're 8 NM away from Khanoum.

11:39 AM - Departed Khanoum Port after some provisions. Pastor was aided by Phyllis Valdez-Pichay who drove 7 hours to this port to provide help. Clearing with immigration still in Bangkok but ConGen Randy is assisting. Travel distance 285 NM to Bangkok.

12:32 PM - Indeed it was a long time last night after being chased and guided by fishing net operators that blanketed our route. When we hurdled the last barrier heaven opened up until dawn. With no night sailing gears we practically traveled blind except the crack of lightnings brightening the skies and seas.

4:36 PM - Today less that 24 hours in the Gulf of Thailand we've been hit by 2 squalls already and almost rammed by a fishing boat in almost zero visibility in spite of repeated warning. Northeast monsoon seems to start here early. We pray that we'll have clear skies during our night travel.
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