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Date Posted: 10/09/10

October 4, 2010 - Long day of sailing to Thailand

By: Arturo Valdez

9:37 AM - Flotilla only 3 hours away from Songkhla, Thailand. Last night was dark, cloudy but brightened by thunderstorm and seas bit choppy upon entering Gulf of Thailand. Today seas more settled. Janet and Pastor already arranging with immigration and port officials. Local Pinoys await our arrival.

11:30 AM - Proceeding to Khanoum instead of Songkhla because we can't process immigration papers there. Port target 2 hours away.

2:01 PM - Flotilla skipping Songkhla because Pastor/Janet had problems in immigration/port details. We're sailing to Khanoum and seek Philippine Embassy assistance to process travel papers. ETA Khanoum 135 NM away 8:00 AM October 5.

2:45 PM - Embassy already contacted immigration in Khanoum. That's our next stop before Bangkok.

10:28 PM - We're doing evasive maneuvers since dark trying to avoid fishnets all over our route. We should not have hugged the coast. Now its going to be a long night until we can get out of this trap and prayed we'll not get dragged by those nets along the way.

11:26 PM - We finally passed the last fisherman's red blinking lights, a warning signal to keep off the nets. There were close calls and at one time a motor launch was on us only to guide us out of the trap. Now we're in the open sea but ugly dark clouds lie ahead. It's going to be a long sleepless night.
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