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Date Posted: 10/02/10

October 3, 2010 - Leaving Terranganu and Well Wishes

By: Arturo Valdez

8:05 AM - Left Terranganu Marina but only after warm hostings by local Tourism officials and maritime traditional ship builders. Voyage inspired not only us Pinoys but even locals here. Everyone hopes that this Voyage will remind ASEANS of their glorious maritime heritage. Learned early today that Balangay pictures is wallpaper of Inquirer's Sunday edition.

SMS conversation between Art and a top Filipino businessman (FB)

FB: Balangay picture at Inquirer is very beautiful. The Balangay will become a great symbol again. We will develop a campaign for patriotism with the Balangay  as a symbol.

Art: If that happens, then all our efforts finally bear fruits to instill and restore Pinoy pride through this symbolic voyage. Even here in Terranganu they got inspired by our arrival still in traditional fashion. Balangay voyage has rekindled the proud Southeast Asians maritime heritage.

FB: It is now beyond your journey beautiful and historic, as it is. It is your having awakened and channeled us to our identity, to the divine fact that God created us as Filipinos and not any other race.

Art: And that's exactly the symbolic message of the Philippine Mt. Everest expedition and now the Voyage of the Balangay to show our true character as a people to excel anytime, where ever as what our OFW's are doing everyday. Again thanks and we look forward to that new beginning.

5:49 PM - Balangay flotilla is 2 hours away from Thai-Malaysian border. Weather fine and we're pushed by favorable north to northwest wind.

8:30 PM - Message from Justin of Kuching: Have a wonderful sailing in Thailand waters, Sir. Definitely you will receive warmest welcome in there. Balangay Team is the pride of the Filipino Community, especially for us in Kuching and Malaysia as a whole.
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