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Date Posted: 09/27/10

September 25, 2010 - Sailing towards Singapore

By: Arturo Valdez

6:30 AM - Left Nongsa Point Marina traversing Indonesian side of Singapore Strait before we cross Sentosa towards RSYC Marina. Moon is still visible and weather cloudy but fine. ETA RSYC 10 to 11 PM.

8:20 AM - Balangay flotilla in full color sail cruising along the world's busiest maritime route proudly waved Philippine colors and projected to the world why Filipinos are the heirs of our Great Austronesian seafarers. Balangays majestically sailing now amidst supertankers and VLLCC's in Singapore Strait. Touching moments we can raise our heads with pride. Singapore here we come!

9:44 AM - Presently we're busy evading traffic of vessels while crossing the Strait. Vessel Traffic System of Singapore keep us from being run down by crisscrossing ships. Again as earlier stated, 'modernity' - greatest threat to the ancient Balangays.

6:00 PM - Balangay flotilla arrived at 11:25 at the Republic of
Singapore Yacht Club warmly welcomed by the local Pinoy community headed
by Ambassador Minda Calaguian-Cruz and the RSYC Commodore Tan Kay Toh
and Bala Krishnan Club Secretary. After lunch hosted by Commodore Tan,
the crew attended a reception at the Philippine Embassy and made a
presentation of the rationale behind the Voyage among a select group of
Filipinos.The stop-over once again made the local Pinoys beam with
pride as the voyage had shown the willingness of the crew to brave the
high seas in showing to everyone that indeed Kaya ng Pinoy.

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