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Date Posted: 09/27/10

September 1, 2010 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

By: Arturo Valdez

4:37 PM - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia: Today is our first year anniversary since we started our Voyage from the Cultural Center of the Philippine. This is the main reason that we pushed hard sailing non-stop for 53hours until we reach Kuching from Miri to find a place to relax and enjoy the day.To celebrate this special event, the 3-Balangays are holding a dinner ala "boodle fight" inviting the local Pinoys headed by Justin Bersales, Jr and JP Rivera all of Sagay City of Negros Occ., and the foreigners in their modern yacht anchored at the Kuching Marina. Then a cultural presentation follows with each Balangay preparing a very "special" number to entertain and keep the spirit of celebration. Surprise awards/rewards are mark for the best performance of the night. Each Balangay crew has been practicing their numbers and holding their practice like a state secret.Everyone is excited and look forward for an
enjoyable and relaxing evening after a year of excitements, hardships, and challenges.

Email from J.B. Navarra

Hi, Art!


On behalf of the BUTUANONS who partnered with you and KAYA NG PINOY, INC. in undertaking this epic adventure of great historical and cultural value, may I thank you and TEAM BALANGAY for the pride of place and race that you have brought out in each one of us. We wish to continue with our endeavors to show the world, especially at this time of trial for our nation, that indeed we FILIPINOS are good and capable people, worthy of respect for the way we behave and carry ourselves in all situations, particularly during crises that test our character as a people.

May the wind be always behind your sails, and the waves gentle on your hulls, and the seas be as nice to you as home for days and nights, as you travel from country to country bringing the message of hope and unity not only among our overseas Filipinos but among all Asians as symbolized by our magnificent balangays.

Keep safe and stay happy always!

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