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Date Posted: 09/16/10

August 30, 2010 - Second day sail to Kuching

By: Arturo Valdez

6:30 AM - Sunrise always such a 'Great Relief' and welcome sight after the cloudy and dark night along South China Sea coastline of Sarawak. We had to skirt the edge of squall-maker dark clouds to avoid a roller coaster ride. But its daylight again! And what a relief and sight to behold.

The seas has always been kind and generous. Since we started sailing our kitchen is always full of fish we caught while sailing. Yesterday's catch: Diwata/Abdul hooked 14 times, sizes from 2-12 kilos of several varieties of fish especially yellow fin tuna; Sama hooked 3 times; Masawa, 'hulidap' mostly catches of Diwata. We've had the freshest of food around.

7:17 AM - Its been 28 hours since Miri. Last night skies overcast and rained but seas calmer than expected. I am more worried of hitting floating logs we saw in big numbers upon break of light. Must be there in darkness but prayers kept the Balangays from hitting one the whole dark night. We're halfway of 230 NM away, weather and God permitting, we'll be in Kuching 9 AM of August 31.

11:28 AM - Crew relaxes and take rest after shifting night watch. Its a perfect day to sail. Skies clear but wind is southwesterly as we turned towards Kuching. Perhaps because we are near the equator and the seas is calmer. Crew back to fishing.
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