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Date Posted: 09/16/10

August 29, 2010 - Sailing to Kuching

By: Arturo Valdez

3:10 AM - Left Miri Marina early for the 262 NM travel to Kuching, Sarawak hoping to reach it in 3 days non-stop. We opted to travel coast wise to give us margin on safety when seas gets rough in the afternoon. Weather is good, skies clear but there are still swells in the open South China Sea. Janet and Pastor gone ahead to Kuching.

7:00 PM - After 16 hours we passed front of Bintulu Port but have continued on a night time travel. Its really dark and we hope that we can avoid hitting big floating logs that abound in Sarawak seas and can be seen by big ships. Janet and Pastor also were in Bintulu at 5 PM riding in bus for Kuching. Shift duties every 2 hours are in place for all night travel.
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