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Date Posted: 08/26/10

From Labuan to Brunei - August 25, 2010

By: Arturo Valdez

8:30 AM - Departure
at Labuan Yacht Club after overnight stay. Dinner last night was hosted
by Labuan Tourism. Scores of cargo vessels are anchored at Labuan, a
very busy port. Skies clear and weather good as we face southwesterly
winds towards Brunei 19NM away. We hope to negotiate this distance in 4
to 5 hours.

12:10 PM -
Getting inside busy ports like Sandakan, Labuan and Brunei is a taxing
game with supertankers, VLCCs and other large ships plying the route.
Our forefathers' balangays may not make it in these busy ports and
narrow channels. They'll be hit by these behemoths without modern
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