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Date Posted: 08/23/10

Pulau Tiguba to Kudat - August 19, 2010

By: Arturo Valdez

7:30 AM - We docked at Pulau Tiguba Island at 8 PM last night from Sandakan stirring the local maritime police on the presence of foreigners aboard traditional boats. After usual protocols and identification everyone settled for the moderately rough night at sea. We're on our way Kudat 49 miles away and then Kota Kinabalu 127 miles.

11:45 AM - Wind is blowing southeasterly pushing the Balangays up to 8 knots towards Kudat. We'll arrive early. We're settled after surprising the Malaysian Police of our unexpected presence at 8 PM in Pulau Tiguba last night but became friendlier upon our identification. Marauding bands of pirates occasionally visit their place coming from our southern islands. They almost mistaken us because of darkness. Everyone has grown a month-old beard.
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