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Date Posted: 08/12/10

August 9, 2010

By: Arturo Valdez

August 9, 2010

5:00 AM - We're departing Bongao to Sibutu upon day break anytime. Seas have settled a bit. Hope it will stay  before rough seas spawned by typhoon Ester kicks in.

6:10 AM -  After prayers , the Balangay flotilla departed Bongao Port, Tawi-Tawi for Sibutu Island 35NM, our 77th stop over. Skies dark and cloudy with moderate swells. We hope that it will clear up later in the morning.

7:30 AM - Seas around Sibutu is very rough per info from Sibutu effects 2-3 days of typhoon Ester in souther Philippines. Swells are building up this early and skies very dark and raining heavily. Balangay boats are tossing violently now. Received call from Sibutu to abort trip. Will wait for calmer seas. Opted to go back to Port Bongao.

8:05 AM - Safely reached and anchored back to port. Seas really getting rough even inside the cove and gale force wind outside. Can just imagine how the states of the flotilla id we pushed ahead and did not receive the warning from Sibutu. We're safe now waiting for weather to clear up. We'll try again tomorrow.
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