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Date Posted: 08/07/10

August 5, 2010

By: Arturo Valdez

Lifted anchor at 6:25AM in Languyan cove for Bongao 35NM
away. Wind strong and seas quite rough because of typhoon ‘Domeng’. We’re plodding
through and hope to make to Bongao noon time. Its tough already to reach port
on rough seas but the bureaucratic requirements for foreign travel is even
tougher. That’s the work for Janet and Pastor who will be the advance team.

9:35AM – The Balangays are going through very rough seas
with winds kickin 14-17 knots. Even if Typhoon Domeng hit the north, it kicks
strong winds in the Sulu Archipelago.

11:08AM - Just passed a passenger motorized boat capsized.
Intructed Escort Navy boat to rescue them. We’re going inside a channel to seek

12:39PM – Balangay flotilla sought shelter inside a
channel/river and hired a guide to navigate the river hopefully connect itself
to Bongao, Tawi Tawi. Passengers of capsized boat is rescued by sister boat.
They are now safe in shallow waters. Balangay found negotiating the rough open
waters turning around Bongao very tough caused by typhoon Domeng and opted to
find safer and calmer route.

2:00PM – Balangay flotilla safely reached Bongao
Port, Tawi Tawi. We’re lucky that we looked for alternative calmer/safer route
through the river channel to reach the port. Navy PG 341 traversed our original
route and got hit by big broadside swell. We don’t mind missing that
experience. We had enough rough seas for the day since leaving Languyan, Tawi
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