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Date Posted: 05/03/10

Reaching Malabinuang Cove (April 20, 2010)

By: Arturo Valdez

6:30 AM - Malita, Davao Del Sur

Arrived yesterday at 4 PM from Davao City and dinner was hosted by the local
mountaineering group, MAPAD. Depart at 6:30 AM for Caburan, JAS hoping that the
seas  not as turbulent as the last time we navigate this waters. If seas
calmer, we might push as far as Malabinuang, Balangonan, JAS. Then we'll be in
safer waters by then towards Gen San. The southwest monsoon is blowing this
early. We have to make it to Zamboanga before the Habagat prevails.

7:50 AM

Balangay now in the same area where we encountered the roughest waters to date.
The waves are moderate and into our direction. We hope that it remains steady
until we reach Caburan and hopefully, Malabinuang, Balangonan, JAS, just beyond
Sarangani Strait and Balut Island.

10:50 AM

We're in same area beyond Caburan. Seas in swirling condition. The only
consolation - wind and wave into our direction causing less stress into the
wooden boats. This will be a LONG DAY until we reach the safety of Malabinuang

3:00 PM

We finally reached the safety of Malabinuang Cove in Balangonan fronting
Sarangani and Balut Island. Diwata suffered broken rudder but overall the
Balangays are ok. Navy PG 388 escorted and assisted us safely to our
destination. This will be our final stop over together with PG 388. They will
go back to their normal sea patrol once we reached Gen San while we proceed to
Zambo. Will have 'sumptuous despedida' tomorrow for Navy PG 388.

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