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Date Posted: 03/18/10

Rough Seas at Davao Gulf

By: Arturo Valdez

This is the kind of rough seas we encountered entering Davao Gulf. The waters from the Pacific, South China and Celebes mixed it up causing a swirling sea. The waves came in all directions. We are also sailing against the locals called "Norte" thats the "amihan"  which is the roughest monsoon wind of all per account of the fisherfolks.

I reverse course and retreated back to Balangonan Cove and now to Gen. Santos City to make repairs.Staying on course would have serious damaged to the Balangays. "Masawa" got the more critical damaged. Somehow, the wooden pegs that connect the first plank to the keel gave way after pummeled by headwind and big waves.

We are negotiating for a drydocking area and will undertake repairs before continuing the voyage. After resting and having a good sleep, I thought of reconsidering my decision to cancel sailing to Davao City. I am sending a recon team to meticulously study the route and the seas. Wewill still continue going to Davao City but will thoroughly plan how to sail thru this most challenging phase of the voyage.

A passing fishing vessel (center) can hardly be seen also because of big waves -small

Diwata amidst a swirling rough seas - small

Diwata masts protruding like a periscope - small

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