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Date Posted: 01/04/10

Traveling by land to Cabadbaran (Nov 26, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

In the morning of Thursday we travelled by land to Cabadbaran, a two hours ride from Surigao, to make up for our non-arrival the previous day and keep up with our scheduled commitments. The kids were all gathered in their public gymnasiums all excited to see and listen to the Everest/Balangay stories. Our coming was well known all over Agusan provinces. The media had really played it up and everyone was eagerly waiting for our arrival.

We made the usual courtesy call to the LGU’s headed by Congressman Edel Amante, Governor Angel Amante and Cabadbaran Mayor Dale Corvera Then symposium among students and teachers from different schools in Cabadbaran public gymnasium. There were lunch hosted, tour of the town and others activities all rolled together keeping everyone awake the whole day. We retired late for the night but had to be up at 2:20AM on November 27 for the early morning trip back to Surigao. Since there was improvement of the weather late afternoon Thursday, I decided that we can give it a try to sail again; it was a hectic daylong activity for the Team 

Meanwhile, I had to monitor the whereabouts of “Urduja” learning later that she moved out off Samar, and back in the Pacific taking a northeasterly direction. Her exit brought in improved weather late in the afternoon of Thursday. We all got ready for the long voyage the next day.


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