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Date Posted: 01/04/10

Leaving Lapinig for Maasin (Nov 20, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

With our usual departure time past 6AM, we left Lapinig for Maasin, Southern Leyte. Dark rain clouds hang over our heads caused by the Low Pressure Area (LPA) 350kms in northeastern Mindanao. Half way before Maasin, a Bantay Dagat/PCG motorized banca met to guide “Diwata” safely to port. When we were about to turn left towards Maasin Port, our look out saw a cluster of dark fins at a distance. We abruptly changed course and moved closer to see a pod of whale sharks their fins bobbing into the surface. Carina and Mike tried to come closer on board the Tiririt but the mammals may have been bothered by the sound of a motor and became scare. The next time we saw their dark fins, it was more than a hundred meters while farther out, we saw part of the pod leisurely bobbing away most likely feeding in this rich fishing ground.

It was such a beauty and a joy to behold Nature’s wondrous creation - no matter how brief was the encounter. 


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