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Date Posted: 12/28/09

Maasin, Limasawa, Lapita, Cabadbaran and Butuan

By: Janet Sardena

Nov 20-21:


Maasin, Leyte. after the symposium with the kids and visit to the provincial capitol, we enjoyed the ukay ukay portion of the trip. we also went to the big statue of mama mary and the cave church.



Nov 22:

 Limasawa. We had a very historical tour that day. we went to the shrine and up to the 450 steps where the cross was. We also had a video showing that night where the kids were in awe with the pictures. Ang sarap ng pusit nila dun, delicacy nila so we all bought couple of kilos with us to bring home. I met manang Cristy, an Ilocana. we started speaking our local dialect and it feels home again.



Nov 23-24:

Lapita, Surigao. Finally, we have set foot in Minadanao!!! The boat was docked in Surigao city port but we stayed in Lapita, 30 mins drive away from there.  CArina and I had a good adventure going home from Surigao city to Lapita. we took the jeepney home but it ook us half an hour looking for the terminal. When we found it, we filled up the last 2 seats and off went the last trip for the day, whew!



Nov 25-26:


The skies became clear that morning so sir Art decided to push through up to Cabadbaran. After almost 3 hours of sailing, the waves became bigger and bigger and we learned that typhoon Urduja was in Bohol sea. Princess Urduja was mad at Diwata for passing in her territory. there can't be 2 queens in one palace anyway. we did not have any choice but to go back in surigao city port. after 2 hours of backtracking, we docked diwata and took the bus to cabadbaran,



Nov 27:


We went back to Surigao to sail up to Butuan. Unfortunately, the current in Agusan iver was very strong. there were big l0gs scattered around and we were all looking out to avoid running into one. Sir Art decided to dock in Cabadbaran port and take the bus up to butuan to attend the set dinner for that night. we were all awarded as honorary butuanons during the party and we were all very excited. we stayed in inland hotel, sosyal!!!!



Nov 28:


 we went back to cabadbaran pier and sailed to butuan. we entered agusan river and what a welcome!!!! all kinds of boat, small and big, kids with flags on the side waving and greeting diwata and the team. it was hair rising and unbelievable. finally, after 35 ports and almost 3 months of sailing with 8 typhoons, Diwata made it in Butuan, her kingdom and her people. Now, she's home....




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