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Date Posted: 12/28/09

Dumaguete, Siquijor, Tagbilaran and Dauis, Bohol

By: Janet Sardena

Nov 4-8:


After 2 fun filled vacation with our families, the 5 of us flew back to dumaguete where we met with the rest of the team who just had a thrilling, exciting and mind blowing sailing that afternoon. They went as fast as 18kph!!! The rest of our stay in Dumaguete was mostly spent in giving symposiums to schools especially students of Silliman University, a very good school. We had a side trip in APO island on nov 7-8. we went up to the light house and enjopyed the corals and turtles and fishes and what have you in the breath taking marine sanctuary!


Nov 9-10:


The land of Mystic, Siquijor... it has been more than 5 years since I last set foot in this island when we had the Siquijor adventure race. I was too tired to feel and see any " strange" things around me then. We were brought around by ms. Ivy Gomez who became a friend of the team.As always, who would not bring healing oils and pang gayuma (daw) when you go to siquijor. I bought several, for friends hehe!!!


Nov 11-12:


Tagbilaran, Bohol. WE first met the Butuan boys ( Sato, John, Nico and sir Toto). They will be OJT's for now since they will be the core crew for  the other balangay boat that is being built in Bututan right now. The Philippine Coast Guard Detachment service was very accommodating in welcoming us in their abode.



Nov 13-14:


We docked in the Bikini beach ( too bad, lang naka bikini). While we were there, we spent one whole day in Danao adventure park where we experienced the suislide and the PLUNGE!!! naiwan ang mga kaluluwa namin for that brief yet most exciting and scary 2 seconds of free fall! It was memorable, can't forget the thrill, lakasan talaga ng loob.  After which we dropped by chocolate hills, nahabol pa namin ang last light ng sunset. photo finish talaga coz you have to climb up pa to get a good view of the hills, sprint!!!! kaya lahat ng pictures namin, hingal at pawis ang itsura!






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