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Date Posted: 12/27/09

Guimaras and Bacolod

By: Janet Sardena

Oct 13:


The travel was only 30 mins from iloilo to Jordan pier in Guimaras. Because of too much food for the last few days, we all decided to paddle across to Guimaras, there is no wind after all. It was great to have a workout! After giving courtesy call to the mayor and Governor, We visited Nueva Valencia, the site of the oil spill. You can still see some traces of oil and can still imagine how it was like during the tragedy.



Oct 14- 19:


Bacolod, home of Sir Art. we were in time for the Masskara festival and for the first time, I witnessed the real one. ang gagaling ng mga participants! We had a good time during the festiva;l and during our stay in sir Art's place with his. For me, Kuya Rey, Kuya Nel, Jobet and Peter, this will be our last stop for the meantime, we were all excited to go home to our own families for a 2 week vacation as part of the 1st rotation of the team :)


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