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Date Posted: 12/27/09

Roxas, Estancia,Banate and Iloilo

By: Janet Sardena

Oct 8 :

 We left Batan for Roxas. Diwata was delayed for 2 hours because she was up against the current and wind. We managed to have lunch on time and had different kinds of seafoods, sarap! Thank you to Mr. Inocencio for all the coordination.


Oct 9 :

 My birthday!!! We left for Estancia. We were welcomed by the locals there headed by the rescue group that sir Fred trained way way back,  small world!  Mejo memorable ang pasyal namin dito sa Estancia. Apparently, Mayor Mosqueda did not have the same frequency with the team regarding Balangay. We respect his opinion that for him, Balangay is nothing but a hobby and waste of money. For the team, we remain steadfast in our objective in reviving our glorious historical past through this voyage and educating and motivating our people especially the young that we are a great race and we should be proud of ourselves. Sad to say, there will always be people like mayor who sometimes fail to see the true and deep meaning of symbols, like the Balangay, with that, I rest my case...



Oct 10:

We reached Banate, another unplotted port in our journey. Since there are no activities, we used that day for laundry and R&R...


Oct 11-12:


We picked up sir Art in Dumangas pier. He came from Bacolod, took the fast craft and waited for the boat in Dumangas. The rest of the advance party went ahead in Iloilo. Holcim hosted the welcome of the boat. The arrival in the river was very dramatic with the sails up and crrew beaming with pride.



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