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Date Posted: 12/24/09

Pola, Concepcion, San Agustin to Alcantara/Looc

By: Janet Sardena

Sept 19-20 : We reached Pola and was welcomed by mayor AMA ( also w/ ms Mae of DOT and Admin Dodie) and the school kids with their band. Overlooking ang bahay ni mayor and we enjoyed  the view everytime we have our dinner there. We stayed in Villa Victoria and enjoy ang tropa sa videoke dun! Memorable din sa a kin ang Pola because I learned how to operate the tiririt, thanks to sir Mark Lim, tinuruan nya ako!


Sept 21-22 :   Maestro de Campo (Hispanized name meaning Master Camp- kasi cove sya and dati taguan daw sya ng mga bangka, way back wala pang motorized vessels), first island we reached in Romblon, very beautiful island! very peaceful and simple living lang talaga. people are very kind and warm. It is also known by  the its modern name as Concepcion and its native name of Sibale. Ang trademark nya, may rainbow sya na di nawawala! Ironically, all vessels pass by this island 24/7 but few only know this place, we are one of those lucky few. Doc and I accommodated all the locals there who sought medical help since the island does not have a doctor nor enough supply of medicines. Indeed, we helped a patient be airlifted (through the help of PCG) to PGH because of severe Pneumonia.  Thanks to mayor Lemuel and the humble people of Comcepcion. We will be back there someday... 


Sept 23 : San Agustin. We just stayed for one night, short but fun! WE met sir Roland, a local na balikbayan. we are very motivated to hear that he  and his family are very inspired in what we are doing, that is what is keeping us moving kahit mahirap tong ginagawa namin, may ma inspire lang kahit isa, ayos na.... 


Sept 24-27: We reached Alcantara and was met by Mayor Juliet of Looc. We were stranded in Looc and maximized our time teaching Disater management (headed by Doc TEd)  to the locals and to the Police. Our first night in the gym very memorable kasi dun sumayaw ng parang inesinag bulate si mike, napa cha cha si kuya Rey at si kuya Ojie naging joke ang ' i started a joke' nyang kanta! Daming lumabas na hidden talent na parang mas ok pag keep it hidden na lang  :)





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