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Date Posted: 12/09/09

...ang pagpapatuloy

By: Janet Sardena

welcome by the Naval command (Commodore Losbanes) in fort San Felipe



faces of fun in an improvised boat made from a bath tub



after spending almost 6 nights and 6 days in Ternate river, Diwata sailed back to Sangley where she stayed for another week. biro nga sa grupo, na bore daw si Diwata sa Ternate, gusto nya ang audience nya ay mga batak na mga sundalo, haha! She was docked near the humble abode of MCPO Reynaldo Godoy, PCG (a.k.a Kuya Rey). I also got the chance there na manisid ng tahong at ulamin ang nakuhang tahong!


sept 15- team left Sangley early in the morning for Calatagan. We visited the historical lighthouse and went to stay with sir Jake Vergara's fine and beautiful rest house! Buhay mayaman kame talaga dun :) Thanks sir Jake, hope maka stay uli kame dun sometime in the future...


Sept 16- we left Calatagan with the BRP NUEVA VIZCAYA, SRV  of the Philippine Coast Guard as our escort boat. It was headed by Capt. FERDIE VELASCO, PCG (we love you sir!) and is tasked to escort us all the way to Boracay. Malalaki kasi ang alon sa may Romblon and we needed a big and sturdy boat as such as our escort.

















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