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Date Posted: 11/27/09

Jagna Experience (November 17, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

At 10am of Nov 17 we were interviewed at the local station, DYJP primarily on the rationale of voyage and our Mt Everest expedition. This interview may have stirred more interest causing the never ending stream of visitors to see Diwata. News about us traveled far and fast not only in Jagna but also in adjacent towns. There were even stories of an ancient galleon used by Magellan that landed in Jagna drawing more people to see the Balangay.

In the eve of our departure, Mayor Lloren gave us a coffee table book about Jagna, and a statuette of their local hero, Captain Gregorio “Goyo” Casenas, a farmer-revolutionary who died fighting against Spain. In exchange, we gave him a copy of our Mt Everest book “Live the Dream.”


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