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Date Posted: 11/27/09

Visiting Louay, Bohol after the Boxing Match (November 15, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

I came early to check on the Balangay at the “Bikini” Beach of Dauis. Diwata was anchored in the open sea and she was rolling with the waves while the rest of the crew was busy with their respective activities, swimming, snorkeling or doing laundry.

Everyone however cannot wait for the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in the PPV courtesy of our host. By 10am, the house was packed with local residents and our presence added more congestion to his living room.

Of course, everyone knew the results – an unprecedented 7 titles in 7different weight classes for Paquiao never done by anyone before in boxing. Like the rest of the country, everyone was cheering and shouting every time Cotto got hit by Pacman. I can hardly hear what the announcer was saying.

Anyway, after the fight and lunch, we rushed into the boat at 2:30pm for the 30kms trip to Louay, Bohol.We reached Louay before sundown and navigated carefully to find an opening into the mouth of Loboc River for our shelter for the night. There were some miscommunications with the LGU of our arrival and there was no sleeping quarters for us. Instead, we pitched tent at the end of the municipal wharf beside Diwata. As mountaineers and outdoor people we can sleep anywhere. What most important is to find a bathroom to refresh oneself at the end of the day. We found a faucet at the back of the Police station taking our bath under cover of darkness.

Local residents got curious and visited us in the evening. Early the next day, early hikers continuously visited us as we prepare to set sail towards Jagna.

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