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Date Posted: 11/27/09

Arrival in Cebu (November 3, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

Earlier, I flew back to Cebu evening of Nov 2 and was hosted for dinner by Virgie Tubal, a childhood friend in her home in Lapu-Lapu city. Carina, Mike from the Navy and Lito from Davao joined us and enjoyed the delicious food prepared for the evening.

By 6:30am of Nov 3, we were ready to lift anchor from the Cebu Yacht Club. Close friends including my cousin Yepo Pages and his son Giandi saw us off. Giandi opted to join the ride until Argao, our next stopover.

We carefully negotiated the busy sea lane between Mactan and Cebu.  I took time that we can get a good picture of Diwata passing through the landmark Mactan Bridge. Our pictures at the gallery showed the colorful pictures of Diwata cruising along the channel and crossing Cebu’s famous landmark.

Two hours away from Cebu, we saw the training ship of AMOSUP slowly inching at the portside and positioning itself with all its cadets manning the rail as Diwata glide majestically passing the training ship. Perhaps that was a salute by the modern seafarers upon seeing the ancient Balangay to remind them of their great and historic ancestry.

We saw a school of dolphins at a distance an hour before we reached the municipal port of Argao. By the time we made our approach to the municipal port, Leo Oracion and Carina Dayondon, our advance team, were at the dock together with the LGU reps and the Coast Guard.

We found ourselves spending the night at the municipal training center. The ever reliable Tony Giduquio of the Dept of Agriculture was already around with our meals during the brief stop-over.

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