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Date Posted: 11/04/09

Arrival in Danao (October 27, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

For the past five days we enjoyed favorable northeasterly wind and the skies were all clear and sunny for most of the days. Our skins are really darkened now because of too much sun, prompting Rey Santiago, our National Museum Balangay adviser to comment that now we truly look like our “Austronesians” forefathers in their wave of migrations.

Leo and Carina had already made contact with Danao officials who organized a welcome reception upon our arrival. The distance between Bogo and Danao is quite far, estimated to be a little more than 70kms. After 9hours of sailing we slowly entered the newly finished fishing port of Danao. The typical throngs of welcomers were on hand. But what took us by surprise was the boom of cannons that greeted our arrival at the port.

Ivy Durano of the local tourism office was at hand to welcome us and after the reception ceremony, we were brought to the Mayor’s office of Ramon Durano III who proudly welcomed us to modern Danao.

The newly constructed Fishing Port symbolized the developments in the city and its open upper floor simultaneously served as the best restaurant in town, they kept the facilities spanking clean and orderly without the usual fish smell. I am sure that other fishing ports can do the same.

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