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Date Posted: 11/04/09

Bogo City Experience (October 26, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

We left DaanBantayan at 6:45am with the Northeast wind blowing strong early in the morning. We estimated to negotiate the distance of 35 km arriving before 12noon. Turning right at Maya Point towards Jagnaya the wind slackened after 2hrs of sailing. We were only moving at 3kmh until the wind picked up again after another 2hrs. By the time we entered the cove of Bogo the wind started to pick up again. Guided by a Bantay Dagat motorized banca we managed to safely negotiate the shallow entrance and fishpens into the docking area. Estimated time of arrival 1:30PM.

Looking into the binocular, Pastor saw that the whole stretch of the port was filled up by people. The pictures at our photo gallery showed the biggest crowd mostly students that greeted “Diwata.”

While setting up our mooring and anchor lines, the kids were shouting and giggling squeezing themselves to get a vantage view of the docking Balangay. It was such an overwhelming sight wiping away the heat and weariness of travel by the smiles and laughter of the young.  We were whisked into a waiting bus and brought into Bogo City Hall. A big welcome streamer greeted us at the entrance of the City Hall while our bus itself had also carried a big streamer with the picture of the Balangay.

Mayor Junie Martinez and Vice Mayor Santiago Sevilla led the City Council and student leaders in a well organized symposium.

In the evening, we were treated with a sumptuous dinner and serenaded by their local choral group at the TESDA Training Center.

Early morning at 6:30 of Oct 27 we departed for Danao City bringing with us unforgettable memories of the City of Bogo.

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