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Date Posted: 11/04/09

Brief stop at DaanBantayan (October 25, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

We left again before 7AM aided this time by favorable northeasterly wind towards town of DaanBantayan. It was Sunday and we were not expecting the typical crowd that welcomes us in every port. We quietly docked at the municipal port and were met by local officials and whisked at the municipal hall. By 3PM however, municipal and barangay officials arrived in droves to welcome us to their town hall. We really felt special and honored to see our local officials take time on a hot Sunday afternoon to welcome us in a brief get-together.

For our sleeping quarters, the LGU brought us to a scenic beach resort as we retreated early in the evening to give us enough rest for an early departure to our next stop-over, City of Bogo.

This was a very brief stop but we can really feel the warmth of welcome by the people of DaanBantayan to Team Balangay.

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