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Date Posted: 10/29/09

Estancia Experience (October 9, 2009)

By: Arturo Valdez

There was favorable wind blowing from Roxas to Carles, Iloilo but turning right towards Estancia, it was a tough headwind sail arriving late in the afternoon at the fishing port. The local disaster volunteer group enthusiastically welcomed the Balangay at the port. After all, Fred Jamili helped in training and organized the local volunteer group.

They provided sleeping quarters for the overnight stay in Estancia.

Per account of Janet Belarmino, Estancia Mayor Restituto Mosqueda questioned the rationale of the Voyage itself. He said that there are better ways to do than go into this adventure. The crew tried to explain what the Voyage was all about but the Mayor had made up his mind.

This is the first time we met this kind of reception but this was expected and there must always be a first time. There will always be another opinion.


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