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Date Posted: 09/30/09

Activities in Boracay Day 1 (Sept 29)

By: Arturo Valdez

The LGU of Malay plus the participating national agencies took care of our activities and food provisions. The local PCG station and the PNP provided transport for our 24-man crew as we moved around the island.

Earlier, at 7AM I decided to move the Balangay to Sogod cove to bring her ashore for checking and cleaning of her hull. It also provided a protective sanctuary in the event of the incoming typhoon Peping.. We did a lot of scrubbing and sprucing to give “Diwata” a cleanup look. We also need to re-enforce the upper planks with beams to strengthen the hull against continuous banging of big waves during stormy days. DENR Cenro in Malay provided the needed wood. Now, Diwata is partly made in Boracay.

We had the usual symposium at the local schools starting with Boracay Global Academy in the morning followed by tree planting at the Long Beach fronting Boracay Regency. Now I can always look and visit these plants grew up as big Talisay trees providing shade to Boracay tourists. In the afternoon we were at the Aklan Boracay National High School  together with BFAR personnel headed by Region 6 chief Edwin Javier. The youths were inducted to be a part of BFAR Junior Coastal Watchers on stranded mammals.

Meanwhile, I accepted the invitation of my good friend Ariel Abriam to move some of our crew to Boracay Beach Club to make it easier for the Team to move around the island compared to our accommodations in Fairways. The facilities in Fairways are excellent and world class but we decided to be closer to the happenings in Boracay especially at night along the Long Beach. But we keep 2 rooms at Fairways while the rest stayed in the boat at Sogod.

Leo Oracion arrived in the afternoon from Manila to join the crew while Pastor and the others are preparing to go on shore leave for their needed break

I opted to stay at our quarters while the rest went out to enjoy Boracay nightlife.

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