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Date Posted: 09/26/09

Stranded in Romblon due to Ondoy

By: Arturo Valdez

Typhoon Ondoy forced us to stay on port after this LPA turned into a full blown tropical storm. Rather than remain idle while waiting for Ondoy to exit, we decided to undertaker the basics on Disaster Management Training Course under Dr Ted Esguerra and the PCG SOG/Navy SWAG/Team Everest/Balangay crew. Looc Mayor Fiel gathered the local Disaster Committee to learn and improve techniques on Disaster management.

Meanwhile, PCG SAR 3502 who sought shelter in Romblon, Romblon called that they are quite busy doing rescue on some vessels that send SOS messages at the PCG Romblon station.

With the inclement weather, we are staying put and will wait until we have improved sailing conditions.

To sum up, the safety of the boat and the crew mainly relies on the decision of the skipper and his personal assessments of the sailing conditions. He may make errors in judgments but let it be more on the side of safety rather than reckless decisions and faulty assessments which oftentimes will lead to disaster.

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