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Date Posted: 09/26/09

Alcantara Experience (Sept 24-25)

By: Arturo Valdez

When we left San Agustin at 8AM, the shoreline was filled up with people and mostly students together with teachers and school authorities bidding goodbye to the Balangay. Aided by a megaphone we again turned the port into an instant classroom
bringing the same message of showing the best of our maritime heritage. The Balangay is simply a tool of that glorious and ancient maritime pride.

Sea condition was much improved for travel towards that by noontime we were already in front of the town of Alcantara.  As we slowly approached the town, hundreds of people were lining the shoreline to welcome our visit. Mayor Juliet Ngo-Fiel of Looc was leading the welcome of the LGU’s together with representatives from the national government.  After the usual pleasantries, we were whisked to Looc our place of stay.

Meanwhile, it also give me the comfort that the coast of Alcantara is ideal at this time of the year to provide shelter to small crafts like the Balangay  and avoid an unpleasant incident similar to that in Ternate river in the evening of Sept 8.

We were treated with a very warm welcome and accommodations by Mayor Fiel with the whole municipality giving us a red carpet welcome. This was fully expressed by the students of Looc National High School, one of the well established high schools in the country, (see pictures in the Gallery).

We visited the fish sanctuary, a recipient of Gawad Pook award and also warmly welcomed at the municipal building. At one tine we played basketball game with the Looc National Police. Of course, the joint Team Everest, Navy Swags, and PCG SOG’s narrowly won on a best of 3 games.

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