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Date Posted: 09/26/09

Pola, Mindoro Experience (Sept 19)

By: Arturo Valdez

The mayor of Pola, Mindoro Alex Aranas was at the wharf personally welcomed the Balangay and its crew at 3:30PM after 6 hours it left Anahaw Island View Resort in Calapan. We had a quick lunch at the hilltop house of the mayor and settled at a beach house where the Balangay was anchored. Our food was provided by the LGU at the residence of the Mayor.

On Sept 20, we had a whole day to replace the nipa roofing and procured a piece of hard wood plank to re-inforce the foundation of our mast. Today is also Sunday giving the crew the chance to attend church in the morning and met the local parish priest.

Again, the Dept of Agriculture provided us with food provisions for our whole day trip to the town of Concepcion, in the island of Maestre de Campo. The small island is at the center of a busy shipping lane that enters the Verde Passage enroute to Manila.

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