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Date Posted: 09/20/09

From Puerto Galera to Calapan and Pola (Sept 18-20)

By: Arturo Valdez

We left Puerto Galera at 6:30AM for Calapan. As usual, an early morning departure also means a lot of paddling until we catch an early morning breeze. After 1.5hours of paddling our sail caught a westerly breeze enabling us to move faster.  We reached Anahaw Island View Resort in Calapan by 12noon welcomed by local officials and DOT-DA personnel.

The afternoon was filled up with activities; presscon, meeting with Gov Arnan Panaligan and Calapan City officials plus the local Halcon Mountaineering Society in the evening.

We may be into sailing but we feel like being home in the company of fellow mountaineers. Fred and I climbed Mt Halcon in 1982.

We stayed overnight in Calapan but the activity was quite hectic. Before our departure, we participated in celebrating the International Coastal Clean-Up Day on Sept 19 by joining students and youths in clearing plastics and other non-biogradable materials along the coast of Calapan.

By 8:30AM we were paddling away enroute to Pola, Oriental Mindoro. This time the wind was blowing on a southeasterly direction which made it a lot tougher to make progress against a headwind. Finally, 8 hours after we left Calapan, we made
it to Pola, welcomed by Mayor Alex Aranas and the local marching band. It was an exhausting trip but we were glad to make it still enjoying favorable weather.

The succeeding whole day stop-over also gave us a chance to repair our ‘bahay-kubo’ with better and sturdier nipa from Pola.We also got hold of a 3-inch plank hard wood to reinforce the foundation of our main mast.

We plan to leave upon daybreak on Sept 21 for Concepcion, Romblon quite worried of a developing low pressure area (LPA) in the Pacific. Even if it will be moving northbound, its effect is still an induced southwest monsoon which has been dormant for the past few days.

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