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Date Posted: 09/13/09

Challenges passed with flying colors

By: Arturo Valdez

Presently, we are anchored at the Philippine Coast Guard Station in Sangley Base of the Philippine Navy since 5AM of Sept 9.  This is also home for the Navy and Coast Guard crew of the Balangay making it convenient for us to undertake some minor repairs and replacement of lost anchor left behind in Ternate River.

Its a waiting game, watching two typhoons; Labuyo and Maring and presently Nando enter and exit the Philippines. These weather disturbances induce in its wake a stronger southwest monsoon causing at least the sinking of 6 ships including Super ferry 9. I thought it best to let these typhoons passes by and intend to sneak out of Manila Bay on Tuesday Sept 14 hoping for 2-3 days of good weather after Typhoon Nando.

To date the Balangay had gone through these "shakedown" tests already;

1. Jump gracefully from the 8ft seawall of the Cultural Center during launching ceremony.

2. Survived a whirlwind (Buhawi) in Manila Bay.

3. Battered and swept by raging flood waters into the open sea when Maragondon Dam opened its spillway without notice.

4. Subjected to Signal no. 1 wind and waves condition when she was blown into Sangley Point in the early hours of Sept 9.

All throughout these challenges, Diwata ng Lahi performed gracefully with flying colors.
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