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Date Posted: 09/09/09

In the days of Old

By: Dr. Ted Esguerra

10 Sept 2009

We stayed for 5 days at Ternate due to the typhoon and we stayed at the Resort and eventually at the school where we settled ourselves together in one roof.  We fixed some few adjustments on the boat where I witnessed Bayanihan among the crew.  Everyone was working on his/her own task and at the end of the day, we accomplished a lot.


Yesterday, I went to Sangley to meet the crew who sailed the boat back to base due to the rough waves and currents (Since the Maragondon river was swollen after the dam was opened).  The Badjao brothers together w/ the Navy and coast guard divers/sailors braved the storm from midnight of Sept 8 to 5 AM of Sept 9 just to sail the boat to Sangley.  I gave necessary medical assistance to the exhausted and partly injured crew.  But they were all in good shape (& in high morale).


Again, Diwata ng Lahi was tested and survived.

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