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Date Posted: 09/07/09

Seeking shelther in Ternate due to typhoon Labuyo

By: Arturo Valdez

We sought shelter in Ternate River for the
past four days to spare us from the stormy Habagat seas induced by Typhoon
Labuyo. It also gives us time to undertake some minor repairs and improvements
in the Balangay especially the platforms we need for easy paddling. We thought
it better to move and hug closer to the coastline by paddling thus avoiding the
strong mid-current that enters the Bay rather than raise the sail only to
encounter moving almost against the Habagat southwesterly wind in getting out
of the mouth of Manila Bay at this time of the year.

Our stay also gave us the opportunity to chat
with the local fishermen learning from them about their native weather vane -
their mountain called "Pico de Loro." When its peak is blanketed by
dark-thick clouds and the whole mountain is hardly visible, they avoid. going
to the sea. That would explain why the price of fish in the market had also
gone up. Fishing boats are seen high up dry in the improvised platforms along
the bank of the river the past few days.

Taking cue from the locals, we stayed inside
the safety of the river and waiting until "Pico de Loro" clears up
consistent on how our ancestors sailed in harmony with nature. Hopefully, we
can continue sailing on Monday, September 7.

I have my first revision of our travel
schedules. God knows how many more revisions to come knowing the effects of
global warming to our weather and environment.
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